First Sheet-Metal Shape

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IMG_0913 IMG_0917

For the past couple of months I have been working on making rhinoUnfolder more usable and modular. I finally got to apply it to water-jetting some mild-steel sheet metal at pier9 (I might make a quick instructable also)

IMG_0900in the water jet



tig welding


Capoeira in Amsterdam

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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art / dance / music tradition that I enjoy doing. I found a great academy here in Amsterdam and over the weekend I participated in a Caxixi-making workshop. A caxixi is a rattle that is one part of an instrument called the berimbau, which is the most important part of Capoeira music. Here is the Caxixi I made:0616141852

a neat method of weaving, and pretty clever means of closing the top off so it looks seamless and stays closed. Makes me think about robotic manufacture of radially symmetric objects haha…

In Amsterdam

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Wow, I have been in Amsterdam for a week.

Here is the bike I bought, on the first day too, since it was immediately apparent that a bike is essential to living here.


I am working at joris laarman studio, a fantastic design studio that uses developing technologies and methodologies, like 3D printing, CNC milling and computational form generation. I am working on the MX3D project. The project is to develop and explore the 3D printing in steel using a MIG welder and a 6 axis robotic arm. So far I have been working on dealing with programming the robot to follow complex paths. While the robot gives a great advantage in that it can position the welder, which deposits steel, in nearly any orientation and position, it also can be extremely difficult to program so that it can follow complex paths without running into errors. In the same way that the human arm has limits on the angles that the various joints can sweep out, the robot can get stuck if a joint rotates too far in one direction. It turns out much of the stuff we do when we move objects around with our arms and hands is really complex and quite clever. Trying to imitate this is a challenge.

Anyway besides thinking about singularities and robot configurations, exploring Amsterdam has been quite interesting. I checked out the Van Gogh Museum, which was very nice and rather inspiring, hung out in Vondelpark (the biggest, most popular, and absolutely stunning park in amsterdam) and did some touristy sightseeing in the central part of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is riddled with canals, which create a fantastically layed-back ambience, in combination with the multitude of single-speed bikes. (Some might argue that the legality of marijuana might have something to do with said ambience, but from what I gather very few dutch smoke weed! Its mostly tourists, apparently). There are even house boats and little houses that are built in canals!


more soon…

Ohmu Robot

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Hey, this random Ohmu Robot me and a few talented Miyazaki fans made last semester:

(I did the mechanism design and building. used fantastic software Linkage Simulator to design leg linkages  and Solidworks to model it. Uses a little dc motor, with a drive wheel contacting the ground for motion and crankshaft for all the little legs.) Thanks CMU robotics club!!


2013-11-24_14-07-42_258 2013-11-24_14-23-35_917 2013-11-24_14-07-35_632

3D print

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0113142038 0113142038amodeled in blender. Using blender array modifiers and subsurface divisions.

fractaly kinetic sculptures

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fractal gears. inspired by sequence from electric sheep and blender's array modifiers

fractal gears. inspired by sequence from electric sheep and blender’s array modifier.


An idea for making nested planetary gears in a fractal-like manner. I explored a similar idea earlier here